Where Is the Parietal Ridge Located?

Extending from the temples to the bottom of the crown, this distinctive region plays a crucial role in various aspects, ranging from hairstyling to medical examinations. Identifying the parietal ridge is relatively simple, as a comb placed flat on the side of the head reveals the point where the head subtly curves away from the comb.

How Can You Find the Parietal Ridge?

The parietal ridge is a significant anatomical feature located on the human skull. It serves as the point where the head begins to curve away from the comb or flat surface. Locating this ridge can be achieved through simple methods. One approach is to feel the back of the skull gently, paying attention to the top region. By running your fingers along the area, you should be able to identify the juncture where the skull shifts away from it’s previous flat position.

Another method involves the use of a comb. Placing the comb flat against the nape of the neck, you can gradually move it upwards towards the top of the head. As you do so, carefully observe where the comb starts to leave the head. This point indicates the presence of the parietal ridge. By following this technique, individuals can effectively locate this crucial ridge on their own or someone elses head.

Understanding the placement of the parietal ridge can be valuable in various scenarios. For instance, hairstylists often consider the ridges location when designing and cutting specific hairstyles. The ridges position significantly influences the shape and volume of the hair, enabling stylists to create aesthetically pleasing looks that complement their clients facial features.

Tips for Hairstylists on How to Locate and Emphasize the Parietal Ridge for Different Haircut Styles

  • Use your fingers to feel for the parietal ridge, which is the highest point on the head.
  • Once you’ve located the ridge, section the hair above it and clip it away.
  • For short haircuts, use a comb to lift the hair at the parietal ridge and cut it to the desired length.
  • For medium to long haircuts, create a guide by parting the hair along the ridge and cutting it to the desired length.
  • To emphasize the parietal ridge, use texturizing techniques such as point cutting or razoring.
  • Blend the hair above and below the ridge by using your comb or scissors to remove any harsh lines.
  • Remember to consider the client’s desired style and face shape while locating and emphasizing the parietal ridge.
  • Practice and experience will help you become more comfortable in identifying and working with the parietal ridge.

The parietal ridge, also known as the crest area, is located at the widest part of the head, starting from the temples and extending to the bottom of the crown. To identify this area, a flat comb is often placed on the side of the head. Another significant bone to note is the occipital bone, which protrudes at the base of the skull.

What Is a Parietal Ridge?

The parietal ridge is an essential part of the human skull structure. It’s the widest area of the head and can be easily identified by placing a comb flat on the side of the head. This ridge starts at the temples and extends towards the bottom of the crown. It’s sometimes also referred to as the crest area.

The parietal ridge plays an important role in hairdressing and hairstyling. It serves as a reference point for creating various hairstyles and determining the placement of haircuts, hair parts, and hair accessories.

In addition to the parietal ridge, another prominent bone at the base of the skull is the occipital bone. This bone protrudes at the back of the head, just above the neck. It forms the posterior part of the skull and provides protection for the brainstem and the lower part of the cerebellum. The occipital bone also serves as an attachment point for muscles and ligaments, contributing to head movement and stability.

Understanding the location and structure of the parietal ridge and occipital bone is crucial in various fields such as anatomy, medicine, and hairstyling. Proper knowledge of these areas helps professionals in their respective fields to accurately identify and work with the intricate structures of the human skull.

Importance of the Parietal Ridge in Hairstyling and Creating Different Hairstyles

The parietal ridge is a significant area in hairstyling as it plays a crucial role in creating different hairstyles. Located along the top and sides of the head, the parietal ridge serves as a reference point for hairstylists to determine the distribution of volume and height in a hairstyle.

When styling hair, the parietal ridge helps in establishing balance and proportion. It provides a natural division between the crown and the sides of the head, allowing hairstylists to create volume and texture in specific areas. The parietal ridge can be utilized to create hairstyles with varying levels of fullness, such as layered cuts, pompadours, or even updos.

Additionally, the parietal ridge is crucial in determining the shape and silhouette of a hairstyle. It’s prominence or recession can significantly impact the overall appearance of the hairstyle. Therefore, hairstylists carefully consider the positioning and manipulation of hair around the parietal ridge to achieve the desired look.

In conclusion, the parietal ridge is an essential element for hairstylists as it helps in creating various hairstyles by providing a reference point for volume, height, and balance. It’s significance lies in the ability to bring proportion and shape to different haircuts, making it an integral part of the hairstyling process.


In conclusion, the parietal ridge, a significant anatomical feature, can be located at the widest area of the head, commencing from the temples and extending towards the bottom of the crown. Understanding the precise location of the parietal ridge contributes to various fields such as hairstyling, neurobiology, and forensic science, highlighting the importance of this knowledge in different domains.

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