Best Place to Tan Hides in OSRS | Ultimate Guide for Tanning Hides

Finding the best place to tan hides in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) can be a crucial element of your tanning strategy. Efficiently tanning hides not only saves you time but also helps you maximize your profits. One of the top choices for tanning hides is Ellis, located in Al-Kharid. What sets Ellis apart isn’t only his swiftness but also the fact that there are no specific requirements to utilize his services. To make use of his tanning abilities, simply head over to the bank south of Ellis and withdraw 27 green dragonhides. Don't forget to grab 20 coins for each hide you wish to tan. Once you’ve the necessary items, rush into Ellis's building and initiate a trade with him. Take advantage of his efficient tanning process and get all your hides tanned. With your newly tanned hides in hand, it's time to make your way back to the bank, ready to further progress in your OSRS journey.

How Do You Tan Hides in Runescape Old School?

In Old School RuneScape, players have various options to tan hides and transform them into valuable leather. One popular method is to utilize the Lunar spell, Tan Leather, which grants players the ability to tan hides without spending any coins. In order to access this spell, players must have a Magic level of 78 and have completed the Fremennik Hard Diaries.

Tanning hides with the Tan Leather spell is a straightforward process. Once you’ve the necessary requirements, head over to the bank and withdraw the hides you wish to tan. Using the Lunar spellbook, locate the Tan Leather spell and cast it. This will transform all the hides in your inventory into their corresponding tanned versions. Not only does this save you money, but it also eliminates the need to visit a tanner.

Alternatively, players can visit a tanner to tan hides. This method doesn’t require any specific Crafting level, making it accessible to all players. Tan hides can be found in various locations across Gielinor, such as Al Kharid, Canifis, and the Ranging Guild. Simply bring your hides and the required payment and speak to the tanner. They’ll instantly tan your hides for a fee.

While using a tanner is a convenient option, it’s essential to note that it can be costly, especially when dealing with large quantities of hides. Paying attention to the market prices of both the hides and the tanned versions is crucial for maximizing profit. This is particularly important when dealing with valuable hides like dragon or dinosaur hides.

It’s advisable to analyze the market prices and choose the method that best aligns with your goals and resources. Happy tanning!

In the world of old school Runescape, tanning cow hides is a crucial step towards creating hard leather. To achieve this, players must seek out Ellis, the tanner located in Al-Kharid. The beauty of Ellis’s services is that there are no requirements to utilize them. To begin the process, players will need to withdraw 27 cowhides from the bank, conveniently situated south of the tanner. It’s also essential to have 3 coins available for each hide that needs tanning, resulting in a total cost of 81 coins.

How Do You Tan Cow Hides in Old School Runescape?

In the world of old school Runescape, tanning cow hides is a crucial process in creating hard leather. To begin this transformation, players must seek out the esteemed tanner known as Ellis, who resides in the bustling town of Al-Kharid. What makes Ellis the go-to tanner is his swiftness, ensuring players can efficiently complete the tanning process without any requirements to use his services.

To successfully tan cow hides, players need to have a stash of 27 cowhides ready for tanning. These hides can be conveniently acquired from the bank located south of Ellis, ensuring a seamless transition from gathering supplies to initiating the tanning process. Alongside the cowhides, players must also bring along 3 coins for each hide they wish to tan.

As the tanning commences, players will be required to pay the cost of 3 coins per hide. With a total of 27 cowhides, the overall expenditure will amount to a mere 81 coins. This nominal fee paves the way for the lucrative creation of hard leather, which holds significant value in the games economy.

By engaging in this process, players can unlock the full potential of their cow hides, transforming them into highly sought-after hard leather. With the tanning process completed, players can utilize the hard leather in various crafting endeavors or sell them for profit, taking full advantage of their hard-earned resources in the world of old school Runescape.

With the aid of Ellis, players can swiftly convert raw cow hides into hard leather, all without any prerequisites. This guide provides the ultimate walkthrough for tanning hides, facilitating the creation of valuable resources and ensuring players can maximize their potential in the games bustling economy. So, gather your cow hides, venture to Al-Kharid, and witness the transformation from simple raw materials to coveted hard leather.

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Not only is he the quickest tanner available in the game, but there are also no requirements needed to utilize his services. With a simple process of withdrawing the desired amount of green dragonhides and the corresponding amount of coins from the nearby bank, players can easily and efficiently have their hides tanned. By running back and forth between Ellis's building and the bank, the tanning process becomes streamlined and hassle-free. Overall, Al-Kharid and it’s tanner, Ellis, provide the ultimate guide for tanning hides in OSRS.

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