($55 for 1 Hour, $30 for 30 Minutes)

This one word has been used for thousands of years to represent healing touch - the knowledge, the relaxation, the improvement of circulation and range of motion. Our LMT is no exception - her understanding and skill will leave you more relaxed and in better condition while each of her specific massages has its own special area of impact:

Swedish Massage

An all over body massage specifically targeting circulation, relaxation and draining lymph nodes. When you really just hurt all over...

Deep Tissue Massage

Hydrocollator (heat pack) and deep massage for back, neck and range of motion. When those muscles have been asked to do too much...

Soothing Stone Massage

One of the oldest and still heavily used massages for detoxifying and relaxation. Silky smooth Basalt stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and are placed above and below your body. The soothing heat from the stones penetrates deeply to melt your stress and muscle tension away, while more stones and oil are used to massage away the rest of your stress.

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